Teach Me Obi Wan!


For the first time in a while I welcomed the new year without a personal project planned. In the past it’s been rehabbing my back, making business trading cards, or training to make it to Major League Baseball. 2 out of those 3 projects were a success and I’ll let you guess which ones they are.

I will definitely be continuing to blog throughout the year but I need a personal project to keep myself from going crazy or becoming a full blown addict to the Jurassic Park app on my iPad (oh man I’m dangerously close to that).

After a day of drinking thinking and juggling chainsaws I decided that I would solicit the help from my dear friends. I figured that if I’m so bored that I need a personal project, they should share my boredom and give up free time to me.

And so, I have decided that my personal project of 2013 is to have my friends teach me things and expose me to new experiences. Maybe someone will teach me what a salad is and how I would make one or maybe it’s showing me how to throw a proper slider since mine never worked well. Perhaps it’s as simple as getting me hooked on a TV show or new band and then discussing said shows or bands with me in great detail no matter how incoherent my observations are.

I’m setting a personal goal of learning/experiencing 50 things from 50 different people.  Here are the ground rules:

  1. It has to be something I am capable of enduring. If I veto something, the person is welcome to try to teach me something else
  2. If it’s a skill that has been taught, I must receive a grade to assess my ability to perform the skill. I must pass for it to count
  3. If I fail at a skill, the person who taught me fails at this project too!
  4. At any point, I can add more rules

Sounds like fun right! If you want to help me expand as a person and teach me/introduce me to something then get in touch with me via commenting on this post, through Twitter (@DrEricAllan) or stop me in the street.

I will be updating my readers with my progress on this project throughout the year.




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