Top 10 What the What moments of Blank Check


Remember when you were a kid and the most amount of money you could ever think of owning was $1 million? And what would you buy if were a kid and got a cool million bucks? I’d probably bring it to Show & Tell but then would somehow lose it and then my parents would get really mad at me.

Well, someone at Disney in the 90s thought it would be a good idea to make a movie out of that question and with the success of Home Alone and 3 Ninjas, the formula for kid stops idiot bad guys, it seemed like a guaranteed win! It worked for me as I saw this movie in theatre and rented it on numerous occasions. I recently watched it again on TV and realized that there are many moments from the film that had me saying “What the What??” that I probably missed watching it as a kid. So let’s take a trip down memory lane to the 90s and recall some of those moments Disney’s smash hit Blank Check

1994-blank-check-poster110) Preston’s brothers start their own business and are rewarded with a brand spankin new ’94 Macintosh cpu. Unfortunately for them, Preston appears to be the only child in the house that knows how to operate a computer. I know it was the 90s but seriously those guys should’ve had at least one computer class at school to learn how a Mac works!

9) As Preston leaves the bank after unsuccessfully opening an account with $11 his bike gets run over by a maniac reversing while staring at himself in the rear view mirror. His parents reaction to their son nearly getting run over is “I thought we had a talk about taking care of our valuables.” C’mon Mom & Dad, your son nearly got hit by a car and you’re more concerned about his bike?!”

8) When Preston types up his wishlist for his birthday his number one wish is for his brothers to be “Knocked Off”. You want your brothers killed? This Preston character is dark!

7) That mansion, that Preston buys goes for $300,000. Original asking price was 175k. Now I don’t know anything about the housing market of the 90s in Indiana but a house like that is valued under 200k! That’s a steal!

6) Tone Loc is in the movie? Seriously, Tone Loc, Wild Thing, Funky Col Medina! In that same year he was Ace’s cop friend in Ace Ventura. Big year for him!

5) Henry, Preston’s driver, gives him some terrible dating advice; he is also encouraging Preston who is 12 to ask out the very hot Shay Stanley from the bank. Some of his advice, take her to an all you can eat salad bar and line your pockets with bags to take some salad home with you because the restaurant doesn’t say All You Can Eat here (good point). His other piece of advice, “get yourself some nice flowers, great body, great hair, fancy car and learn to say words like Non-Committal, women will love you.” It’s a real mix of good and bad advice. Preston does do a pretty slick job on his date though. I could learn a thing or two from him.

4) Shay Stanley is played by Karen Duffy who I recognized from Dumb & Dumber (also from ’94) and according to IMDB played a Crack Den Girl in the ’91 movie McBain! At the end of the movie she locks lips with Preston. Lucky guy but seriously you are kissing a 12yr old boy on the lips. Something tells me that stuff wouldn’t fly these days working at the FBI.


3) So Preston hires an event planner for his big birthday party and sure enough a lot of random people show up at his house. First of all, who the hell are all these people? Second, when Preston tells everyone that Mr. Macintosh is a fraud, everyone gets really upset and storms off. Why would you be upset or surprised? You have no idea who the party is for and you were invited to a free party with drinks and food. Take the freebies and go home!

2) OK, lets look at his finances… So we know the house cost him 300k (not listed in his budget doc).  Also, those purchases listed on his screen do not add up to a million. His program is very wrong… Here are other question marks about his purchases (keep in mind the whole movie takes place over the span of one week)…


  • Security systems – I guess you got to have tight security over a house with no possessions
  • Batting cage – $12,500, I think he got ripped off there
  • $5,000 on coke, ice cream, chips and cookies! I eat a lot of junk food but that’s just excessive
  • Round trip to Chicago – $375, when the hell did he go to Chicago?! and a flight only cost him that much? Sweet deal
  • Virtual Reality system – $30,000, that’s a little more than a PS3!!!
  • $925  for a date, man that kid is good, no wonder Shay likes him
  • $300,000 for plan 442. This was a fictional account to act as a potential investment in his father’s mysterious proposal. Preston literally has $300,000 unused and he is worried he doesn’t have enough for the rest of the party!
  • There is no money set aside for Henry the driver… I guess Preston just pays him in ice cream.
Hey Preston, can you pay me in advance? I just bought this garbage bucket worth of ice cream!

Hey Preston, can you pay me in advance? I just bought this garbage bucket worth of ice cream!

1) No one from the FBI or his family seem to care that he squandered a million dollars that really shouldn’t have been his to begin with… I don’t think he learned a lesson at all because this is what Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) looks like today.

On another note, Richie Rich came out that year too. What a year for movies featuring kids with too much money!


One response to “Top 10 What the What moments of Blank Check

  1. Also at the very end of you look closely there is a man with a baseball cap and boxing gloves on the bed when they walk into his bedroom to celebrate his birthday. And I can’t find anyone saying anything about it

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