Oh The Things I’ve Learned – Part I

You may remember a while back I announced my personal project for 2013 and that was to learn 50 new things from 50 different people. Well I’m sure literally tens of you are interested in how this project is going so how about an update…

1) Learned to taste wine: Instructions from my teacher included looking for the colour of the wine, smelling and tasting it and then do it 20 – 30 times in a night for practice.

2) Learned how to rave: Went to my first house music concert at Swedish House. I learned that glow sticks are a must, beer lines suck so bring a flask and that a two hour concert generally consists of 3 songs that  never seem to end. I’ll have more on my Swedish House experience next week.

3) Learned how to salute: This was one was pretty cool. @dolenam knows how to mess someone up so I would not want to cross her. She taught me how to give a proper military salute for Canadian and Australian forces. Lots of posture! I in turn showed her how to give the 3rd Rock From the Sun Salute.

4) Learned all about the complicated nuances and interesting characters of The Bachelor. Don’t really want to talk about this one.

5) Learned how to Dougie. This one is an iffy since my “teacher” didn’t actually show me how she Dougies or gave me any instruction except to watch a pro do it.

6) Learned how to set-up an online dating profile. I’m already not impressed and the tag line my teacher told me to go with does not make me out to be a good catch. More on that later too! Preview: My screen name is Astronaut Mike Dexter and if anyone gets that reference then maybe they’re worth a look.

7) Learned how to dress like a hipster. It’s actually a lot of work and thought that goes into it. I spend way less time caring and dressing myself in the clothes I usually wear. Oh the irony.

8) I’m learning right now a lot about what to look for in picking a dog breed and in general how to take care of a dog. This one I’m very excited about for hopefully my near future.

9) Learned how to install curtains! Pretty simple but I haven’t had much experience installing fixtures.

10) Learned how to make my Superbowl potato wedges even more delicious! Chef’s secret!

Oh and I learned that I am addicted to 3rd Rock From the Sun. I miss that show so much. Well I guess I got 40 things to go with about 8 months to do it. Tweet me @DrEricAllan if you want to be a teacher and teach me some new skill or talent! Just be sure it’s now related to writing because I know you’ve probably just plagiarized the lesson!






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