About Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric’s Blogology is the creative outlet for blogger Eric C. Allan of Toronto, Canada. Much like the old Dr. Eric’s Blogology, this wordpress version covers rants and reviews as well as interesting stories from the world of Eric Allan.

The blog also features a Top Ten list every Thursday as well as stories and thoughts from Eric when he was a child/teenager growing up in the 90’s. That is possible because Dr. Eric is able to travel back in time only to visit and interview himself in the 1990’s.

Dr. Eric will always strive to give you epic dosages of humor and randomness.  So look around, read the posts and leave your 2 cents in the comments section as Dr. Eric constantly needs  reassurance that people are reading his blog and think it’s swell.

If you would like to get in touch with the good Doctor then you can reach him by any of the mediums shown at the bottom of this page.

**Dr. Eric’s certification consists of an old restaurant paper table mat with a maze drawn on the front, while on the back is a “doctorate” diploma drawn by Eric Allan and issued to himself.

You can also e-mail Dr. Eric as well as ask him an anonymous question on Formspring.


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